Alkalux Water Filter Replacement Cartridges Discount

by Lee Miller

54 arnold1 Alkalux Water Filter Replacement Cartridges DiscountAlkalux water ionizers have incorporated roughly the same state of the art water filtration technology as Tyent.  The Alkalux 2507 dual filtration cartridges remove all the stuff that your body shouldn’t have to deal with.  Harmful toxins, foul odors, and unusual after taste with city or well water is common in many parts of the country and can be a thing of the past with Alkalux’s new ionizer filters.

Alkalux Primary Filter is an ACF or active carbon filter that removes that larger suspended junk and trash that most ordinary water purifiers would remove.   Stuff like rust chlorine, dregs and other suspended matter are removed.  Carbon is a substance  that is able to absorb impurities and chemicals.  It has a slight electro-positive charge that attracts and then absorbs as Alkalux filter pair Alkalux Water Filter Replacement Cartridges Discountwater passes over it.  What isn’t filtered is soluble minerals which we benefit from anyway.

Here’s what the Primary filter cartridges remove:
Lead, chlorine, iron, harmful bacterias, organic and inorganic chemicals, pesticides, trihalomethanes, detergents, asbestos, pollen, viruses, to name a few.

But that’s just the beginning.

Alkalux’s secondary filters are made up of three critcal ceramic components:

The manufacturer says it something like this:  M, P, and K ceramic filters each have a unique role in balancing the water ions along with enhancing the electrolysis process (process of water being alkalized).  Basically how ceramic filtration works is once water is introduced on one side of the ceramic filter act to catch anything larger than a water molecule before leaving the other side.  But that’s not all the M, P, and K ceramic filters are high performance activated carbon that not only remove contaminants it also adds nutrients and minerals just before it is dispensed in your glass.

Alkalux replacement filter packs are $99.00 and you will need a replacement every 6 months if you dispense 5-gallons a day or once a year if you dispense 2 1/2 gallons a day.   As an ongoing way to ensure you’re getting the all the alkaline water benefits the Alkalux will automatically alert you in advance when the filters need changed.

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