Alkalux Water Ionizers: Reviews, Spec’s, Coupons and Complaints

by Lee Miller

54 arnold Alkalux Water Ionizers: Reviews, Specs, Coupons and Complaints In my ongoing research to buy the best water ionizer for my money, I was able give Alkalux a thorough review. Alkalux water ionizers have been around for over 15 years and with their latest release they’re just now starting to get a real foothold in the alkaline water ionizer industry.

The question is how Alkalux stacks up to companies like Tyent, Ionways (formerly Jupiter), KYK USA (formerly Ionquench), Kangen a.k.a. Engaic Corporation, and Life ionizers.    There’s a lot of change and buy outs going on right now and companies are repositioning themselves for greater market share.

Additionally, ionizer consumers are growing and getting smarter.   In response, companies like Alkalux are generously upgrading their ionizer technology and lowering the price ta boot.

Alkalux Alkaline Water Machine2 Alkalux Water Ionizers: Reviews, Specs, Coupons and Complaints

Most of Alkalux’s 2507 core components do well to exceed the average industry standards as evidenced below.  What really makes Alkalux water ionizer stand out is it’s current price point: $1,695.00.  I try to keep current on the latest discounted price which is $1,525.50. About every ionizer model offering similar features or core componentry are priced in excess of $2,000.00.

The Alkalux 2507  is one of the few 7 electrode plate ionizers under $2k, and the only one priced right now at around $1,500 when factoring in the discount.  It’s heavy in features with a price that’s unmatched right now.

The spec’s below give you a quick review of how the Alkalux 2070 compares to the  industry average ionizers at the same price point.

Alkalux 2507 Water Ionzer Spec’s vs. Industry:

  • Alkalux Ionizer Electrode Plates: 7 (Industry avg: 5 to 7 plates)
  • Alkalux Ionizer Power: 180 watts (Industry avg: 150 watts)
  • Alkalux Ionizer pH range: 3.5-10.5  pH  (Industry avg: 4-10 pH)
  • Alkalux Ionizer Size: 15.7″(W) x 4.6″ (D) x 16.4(H) (Industry avg: virtually the same)
  • Alkalux Warranty: 7 years (Industry avg: 5-7 years)
  • Alkalux Price: $1,525.50 (w/ 10% discount) (Industry avg: $2,000+)

Alkalux 2507 Pro’s:

  • Uses SMPS power system that offers ‘cool power’ not allowing core components to overheat (unlike ionizers that use transformers).
  • Alkalux utilizes both solid and mesh electrode plate technology (as opposed to industry standard: solid plates).  Makes it a much more efficient machine.
  • 60 day trial offer that allows you to send it back if not satisfied.
  • Limited time discount makes it the best buy in its class.  Check availability here:  Alkalux Discount Coupon Code:  SAVE10.

Alkalux 2507 Ionizer Reviews, Complaints, Warnings, Problems:

The fact is is that there are currently no reported consumer complaints or problems with Alkalux’s 2507 ionizer.  It’s still very early with this model but it has a lot of good reviews thus far.   If you have a personal any personal experiences whether good or bad with Alkalux, please add your comments below to benefit the rest of the community.

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